One step away from your students.

Become their point of reference, by informing and guiding them throughout their path! Manage and create, empower your image and attract new students.

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Drop-out rate in Europe due to unmeet expectations


Students state that they would have choosen a diffent path with more information


Feels that Open Days are not enough to guide and inform students


Of students feel uncertain and confused about University career

We aim at bringing closer and render more approachable university to students.

Inuny for Universities.

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Guide the next

Guide your prospective students from the beginning, share the news and information they need to consider studying with you!

Inform the actual

Keep your actual students informed about the news of the campus. Share all the open calls, projects and extracurricular activities.

Attract students

Personalize your profile and your educational offering, be active and engage new potential students.

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