Terms and Conditions

Inuny welcomes you here!

These terms of use govern the use of the 'Inuny' platform and provide appropriate information about the service we offer. By creating an Inuny account or using Inuny, you agree to the following Terms. Inuny is a product of Inuny Sociedad Limitada. The following conditions represent a collaborative contract between users and Inuny Sociedad Limitada.

The service

We agree to provide you with the Inuny service, including all the features, services and technologies of Inuny, which have as their objective: to provide students with useful tools for their university life. The Service consists of:
- Creation and diffusion of content, moments and experiences, in order to encourage maximum interaction between the users.
- Communication and connection with users or other third parties in order to make such interactions relevant.
- Promotion of a safe, positive and inclusive environment so to make the experience in the platform pleasant, safe and effective, contributing to the well-being of Inuny users.
- Functionalities and tools that are consistent with our platform’s goal: providing maximum support to students and universities.
- Research and constant update of features, to keep the community active and in constant growth.

We use some third-parties access to provide users with different functionalities, such as Stripe for payments, Google Maps for location services, Google Analytics to collect and analyze data.

How our Service is financed

Inuny offers users a completely free service, but to ensure the subsistence of the service, users agree to pay a fixed fee to Inuny equal the 10% of the purchase amount, for each transaction occurred in the "Marketplace" section. Additional funding arrangements will be included with subsequent updates, but will not threaten the free nature of the service offered to users.

Users' side

In exchange for our service, we ask all users to respect the objectives, uses and permissions granted by Inuny, on the use of the platform. Who can use the platform: Inuny is an open and inclusive space, but it pursues the goal of being the reference point of university education, so users are required to respect some limitations in order to be part of the community.
- User must be at least 16 years old.
- The user must not have been convicted of sexual offences or be subject to prohibitions.
- You must not be involved in any prohibitions relating to the violation of our services under applicable laws.

With this contract, the user grant us the necessary permissions to provide the Service.

- You agree that we may download and install service-related updates on your device.
- You grant us permission to use your content. Content does not become our property, however, you must grant us permission to provide the service. For all uploaded or published content covered by proprietary rights (such as photos, videos, pdf), grants us a non-exclusive license, for use, distribution, modification, execution, copying, or viewing, translation of its content, in compliance with privacy regulations. If the content is deleted, the license will terminate. The user is free to delete both individual content and all published content. To delete your account, please refer to the next paragraph.
- Permission to use name and surname, profile photo, university or institution of affiliation and previous experience (in the case of students). Official name, telephone number, reference email and website (in the case of Universities, Institutions or commercial activities); as well as interactions, activities or actions performed by the same within the application. The user authorizes us to show the data provided voluntarily and information related to his actions (such as likes, comments, direct, products for sale, profiles followed, events created or in which he participates).

Unauthorized use of Inuny

To ensure the truthfulness of the information shared and ensure a secure service, some actions are subject to limitations:
- You may not use another person’s identity or provide untruthful information. Inuny being the point of exchange and meeting of the university reality, information provided voluntarily must be truthful and updated. In addition, it is not allowed to use the identity of another person, except at their explicit request and our authorization.
- You may not access any other account or the platform itself in any unauthorized manner.- You may not sell or license any data or content on Inuny.
- The user cannot access, modify or trace the source code of the platform.
- You may not incite or engage in any behavior that may harm other users of the Platform, such as bullying, homophobia, transphobia or racism. As well as hate speech, harassment, threats, which can contribute to the risk of violence or physical harm. Whether this is done by posting content, comments or other explicit statements, such as images, videos or documents. Any voluntary act or content that incites violence will be subject to elimination. Repeated actions of this type by one or a group of users, will lead to the permanent deletion of the account and any other account that may be created by them. Inuny is a place dedicated to students, so we want it to be a place where our users can feel safe and protected.
- You may not take any action or conduct that may threaten the functioning of the Platform.
- You may not engage in fraudulent or deceptive behavior that would harm other users.

Removal of content or forced account closure

Content and other information posted on the platform that violates the following terms of use, the guidelines of our community, or where required by law; will be subject to removal. In case of removal of content, the user will be informed by email, at the address used to register on the platform, about the removal of the content and the options available to request further investigation (except in cases of repeated violations of regulations, or of the Terms of Use, incitement to hatred of violence, dissemination of illicit content, damage related to the integrity or operation of our services, or for other legal reasons). If you believe that there has been an error in removing content or closing your profile, you can contact us at the help@inuny.com. In case of forced account closure, the terms of this contract will no longer apply.
Conditions updates
Our policies and terms of use are subject to change, in order to reflect changes in our services. We will notify you in due time, allowing you to be aware of changes on service and terms of use. If you continue to use our service, you hereby accept the terms presented.